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Box 1759, Jamestown, CA 95327

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The following is a list of our current club board, range officers, and others whom you may wish to contact. To contact the club via email, please use our contact form below. Please select the subject of your query and your email will be directed to the appropriate person(s).

2017 Board of Directors:
President: John Popke
Vice President: Dick Coffin
Secretary: Stephanie Miller
Treasurer: Elaine Wolfgang
Members at Large: Fred Coleman
Jim Collins
Range Officers:
Archery: Tom Dibble
Action Pistol: Ryan Hamilton
Black Powder: Mike Fascilla
Steve Gazdik
Paul Bunt
Cowboy: John Dashner
High-Power: Robert Taylor II
Dirk Stam
Junior .22: Roger Wilson
Trap: Ken Farmer
Hunter Safety: Marty Robillard
Barry Blaylock
Newsletter: Rosemary Bowly
Webmaster: Steve Taylor

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Contact List
Last Modified: 25 Aug 2017