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Winter 2017 Junior Winners:
Front row, left to right: Kylee Metcalfe, Anna Lancaster, Jeven Rodgers, Cadence Barnum, Paige Barnum, Ethan Taylor, Kaleb Lancaster;
Back row - left to right: Roger Wilson, Nathan Winans, Jim Owen, Belle Bloom, Logan Butler, Branden Butler, Alex Jukes, Georgia Sibley, Tessa Sibley, Taylor Moreno, Ginna Hahn, President Popke
Winter 2017 Classroom
Tanner Hines & Roger Wilson assisting juniors on range-courtesy of Maria Hines

Winter 2017 Program Results

Roger Wilson and Jim Owen concluded the winter program with an awards program before a packed crowd. Mother Lode Gun Club President, John Popke, was there to help present the awards. Besides the awards for all the forty-seven juniors completing the program, the top shooters in each category received a special award from Senator Tom Berryhill and Assemblyman Frank Bigelow's office.

The Marksman and Sharpshooting class competed on the B2 Targets. In the Marksman class, Anna Lancaster, nine of Columbia, tied first with nine year old Jeven Rodgers, of Sonora, shooting a 408. Second place went to Taylor Moreno, of Groveland, eleven,shooting a 388. With a score of 387, making it into third place was Jamestown's Cadence Barnum, ten. Kylee Metcalfe, of Sonora, twelve, was first place in the Sharpshooter class shooting a 437. Second with a score of 430 went to Tessa Sibley, of Sonora, thirteen, followed by Columbia, Caleb Lancaster, twelve with a score of 423.

Expert Ethan Taylor, of Sonora, eleven, won first place with 228 on the A17 targets. Logan Butler, ten, of Moccasin, took second place with 225, followed by Paige Barnum, of Jamestown in third place shooting a 223 at ten years old.

First Master went to Georgia Sibley, of Sonora, sixteen, shooting a 335. Fifteen year old Ginna Hahn, of Sonora won second with 274 and third went to Nathan Winans, thirteen, of Sonora, with a score of 228.

The High Master award went to Sonora's Alex Jukes, thirteen, shooting a 328. Belle Bloom, thirteen, of Sonora, won second place with 295, followed by Branden Butler, of Moccasin, fourteen with a score of 275.

Program Goals of the Mother Lode Gun Club Junior Association:

  1. Provide an opportunity for young people of all races, creeds, and sex to learn firearms safety and basic marksmanship.
  2. Use the shooting sports as a vehicle to help young people develop leadership, discipline, concentration, sportsmanship and responsibility.
  3. To develop participants ability to become successful competitive shooters as individuals and/or part of a team.
  4. Introduce the shooting sports to community members and educate them about shooting.

The programs are held twice a year and start on the first Tuesday in January and the first Tuesday in September after Labor Day. Signups will be ONLINE on those days starting at approximately 8:00 a.m.

The next .22 program signups should have been September 5th, 2017, however, due to the temporary closure of the indoor range, this program is on hold. More info will be posted here when it becomes available.

The sign-up form is here. Class size is limited, All boys or girls that are at least 10 years old and up to 20 years of age are welcome. Juniors (under 18) need to be signed up by a parent or guardian on line. There is limited space, so first come, first served till the class is filled.

The first class night will begin on the next Tuesday after the sign-up date, January 10th, 2017, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., featuring a mandatory interactive lecture for all those juniors who are new and have not participated in at least two previous lectures. Payment of $30.00 for the class for those accepted will be expected the first night of class.

This program is open to all youth from Tuolumne and neighboring counties. No previous shooting experience is required. ALL juniors must be accompanied by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN. Parents are requested to attend the sessions with their juniors. The cost covers all the supplies and equipment required for the program. Firearms, ammunition and targets are provided. The program will be held on the 50 foot indoor range, and will run consecutive Tuesdays. The final meeting will be a special Awards for all participants and their family members at the MLGC clubhouse on the last Tuesday meeting date.

Juniors will learn about home safety from NRA's EDDIE EAGLE, as well as the responsibility of handling firearms and lessons in competition rifle shooting. This program is NOT associated with the Hunter Safety classes.

The class is headed up by Roger Wilson, Junior Program Director and NRA Range Safety Officer assisted by many of the California Grizzlies Junior Service Rifle team members who have had their beginnings in the junior program.

For any questions regarding the program, call Roger at 209-768-1906.

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