MLGC Meeting Agendas

June 10, 2019


Call the meeting to order (Date: 6-10-2019) at 7:00 pm

MLGC President calls to the salute to the American Flag:

Greeting:  President leads in flag salute.

Secretary: Reading of the BOARD meeting minutes:  (Date: 5-13-2019) 

Reading of GENERAL meeting minutes:   (Date: 5-13-2019)

Correspondence and Communication:  


Treasures’ report: 

· Checking _______

· Savings  _________ 

· CD  _________ 

All Bills have been paid. 

Admission of new members: Introduction and reading of applications. 8 new  

Reports from Disciplines:  

Action Pistol: Name:  Stephanie Miller – 

Archery: Name:  Tom Dibble – 

Black Power: Name:  Steve Gazdik – 

Cowboy: Name:  John Dashner –

Hi Power: Name: Carl Tennis – 

Junior .22 Riffle: Name:  Jim Owens -

Trap: Name: John Luckie – 

Junior Trap: Name: John Luckie – 

Hunter Safety: Name:  Marty Robillard 


NRA Grant report: Name:  Barry Blaylock – no report

Friends of the NRA: Name:  Barry Blaylock – dinner Jun1, 2019 Elks

Membership report: Name:  Frank Torres –  

Maintenance report: Name:  Don Farmer[MS1]

Internet web report:  Name:  Rickee Hill – 

Newsletter report:  Name:  Marti Steiner

Security officer report:  Name:  Jim Collins – 

Chief range safety Officer: Name:  Jim Christensen – 

Unfinished Business:

New Business:

· Reminder of Hi Power Match July 6 & 7 with award and Chicken BBQ $10 Sunday.

Membership questions or requests:


Call for motion to adjournment:

Marti Steiner

Secretary ___________________________date ______________

Stephanie Miller

President___________________________ date_______________