Action Pistol


What is Action Pistol?

Action pistol shooting is an international sport enjoyed by people of all ages. It is not unusual to see entire families participating in these shooting activities. Those in attendance practice safe gun handling and good sportsmanship.

Courses of fire often include movement by the shooter, drawing from a holster, moving targets and multiple targets.

Beginners are welcome at MLGC Action Pistol Matches; and, through the use of a classification system, participants are assured they will be facing competition of a similar skill level. To get started in this sport, all that is needed is a reliable handgun, a suitable holster, ammunition, and eye and ear protection.

For national and international action pistol shooting news and information, please visit the United States Pistol Shooting Association and the International Practical Shooting Confederation websites.

Action Pistol Rules, Classifications

Mother Lode Gun Club Action Pistol Match Rules (Follow link for more details).

CAP match rules are generally based on the rules set forth in the current USPSA Practical Shooting Handbook. Our primary goal is to HAVE FUN, so we operate under “relaxed” rules, varying somewhat from USPSA guidelines. Although our intent is to have fun, SAFETY rules are strictly enforced to ensure a safe environment for competitors and spectators alike. Match rules will apply to all in attendance.  Here are some specific rules that we follow. New rules are in red color. Note: this is not intended to be a complete list of MLGCAP rules. If questions arise, please ask for clarification from a match official.