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Resigning as MLGC President - April 2019


P.O Box 1759

Jamestown ca 95327

Date:  4-11-2019

To: Stephanie Miller, Vice President 

From: John Popke, President


Mrs. Miller at this time I would like to formally announce my resignation as MLGC president. 

Due to our new home location in southern Utah I feel the MLGC will be better served by a president within in the confines of this community. 

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve this clubs membership and elected board and to be a part of a fraternity of people who believe in our constitution and the second amendment.

I would like to say goodbye to all my friends and acquaintances and especially to the staff that served this club, they were the true back bone of the success of the mother lode gun club. 

My resignation will take effect a midnight on April 8th 2019.


John Popke

2019 Blogs


March 2019

Dear Members,

I would like to take a minute of your time to talk about Safety at Mother Lode Gun Club. We have a reputation in the community for being one of, if not the safest place to shoot in our County. All of you have worked hard as individuals and as a Club to foster a safe environment for members and our visitors.

In order to keep this excellent reputation, it is important to discuss Safety with your fellow shooting enthusiasts, family, and friends. While at the club, take a minute to look around you. Is there something that we could do to improve Safety? Don’t let your commitment to Safety stop there. If you experience something outside the Club, read in a magazine article, or receive from another source, don’t hesitate to share it with a Board Member or Discipline Head and we will pass information along to other members.

Thank you all for making Mother Lode Gun Club we can all be proud of.


Marti Steiner

MLGC Secretary


Lode Gun Club Members:

If you haven’t attended a recent MLGC meeting let me please reiterate our guest policy. You may bring in only two (2) guests, for a total of three including yourself. You may NOT bring in other people waiting in the car or to watch you shoot if it is more than two. Remember you are responsible for the safety of your guests and other club members. 

It is imperative that your guests observe all safety rules and procedures. As the member, you are required to make sure your guests follow these rules and procedures. If you aren’t familiar with them, please read the signage posted at the area you are occupying. If you have any questions or concerns, report them immediately to a Range Safety Officer, Board Member, Discipline Head, or Security Personnel.

Thank you,

John Popke

Mother Lode Club 


2018 Blogs


November 2018

Dear Members,


Our November meeting was a fantastic event. The membership has spoken and

voted in the new Board of Directors.


President: John Popke

Vice President: Stephanie Miller

Secretary: Marti Steiner

Treasurer: Yvonne Collins

Member at large: Jim Christensen

Member at large: Clayton Powell


I am looking forward to working with you all and putting the Mother Lode Gun Club as the best range in the state. 




-John Popke


October 12, 2018

Dear Members, 

I would like to personally thank our maintenance worker Ron Keeling for a job well done in the completion of the indoor range. With the hard work of Robert Taylor, Rodger Wilson and Jim Owens the 22 junior program is up and running again. Also with the supervision and support of Vive President Glen Roberts many obstacles were overcame and accomplished in a timely matter. The young adults who participate and train at our club are our future.

I encourage you to come to our stated meeting and enjoy fellowship and the current information on the MLGC affairs. We would like to see you and continue the growth of the shooting sport.

Thank you for your patience.

- John Popke 

MLGC President

September 17, 2018

The indoor range was officially assigned to the junior 22 and hunter safety programs at the September 10th 2018 stated meeting. This was in conjunction with the completion of the air ducting system and new roof on the entire building. The last stage to be completed is the painting of the ceiling and epoxying the floor.

Because the importance of keeping the range lead free and clean only the RSOs for the two shooting programs will be to authorized to use the indoor range until a shooting schedule for the general membership is completed and posted.

I hope to have a schedule at the October's stated meeting. Again I apologize for any inconvenience for those who want to utilize the indoor range but we are getting


Remember the only ammunition that will be authorized to shoot in the indoor range is .22 caliber with solid copper bullets.

Thank you for your patience.

- John Popke

MLGC President

August 2018

The indoor range is now being retrofitted with a new air exhaust system and a new roof. Completion of the project should be in the middle of September. As I mentioned before myself and the CRSO Jim Christensen will be writing up a procedure for membership usage. As it looks now the only ammunition that will be allowed to shoot in the indoor range is a 22 caliber rim-fire, there will be no 22 magnums allowed. Because of the hard work of a selected few and to ensure the indoor range remains clean, proper ammunition is used and lead free as possible a RSO will be assigned to the indoor range when in use. The details will be worked out soon as it can.

Thank you for your patience.

- John Popke 

MLGC President

July 24, 2018

I am happy to say the indoor range cleaning and construction has begun. The first phase was to clean the inside of the bullet trap, celling, walls and floor. The second phase is a new roof and new air exhaust system. The third phase is to open the indoor range for training only (no live firing) and the last phase will be to open the indoor range (non-lead ammunition only) to the MLGC training programs members and quests.

The goal to open the indoor range for training only will be September 1st 2018. The goal to open the indoor range for live fire training is October 1st 2018.

Because the amount of work and monies spent on the indoor range the MLGC board is in process of a new procedure with the chief range safety officer to ensure the MLGC members have full access to the indoor range but keep the indoor range a lead free environment. As this new procedure is developed, the MLGC members will be updated.

Thank you.

- John Popke

MLGC President


To: Mother Lode Gun Club Members

If you haven't attend the last few meeting a great deal of work and repairs has been conducted at the club. The discipline leaders and support staff have conducted a wonderful job and volunteering several hours to ensure our smooth running operation of this great club.

I cannot cover it all in this letter but will encourage you to attend a stated meeting for fellowship and current event information.


Members can only bring two guests. You cannot leave your guests unattended. If you lone out your card to someone you will be suspended from the club until your disposition notice from the grievance committee chairmen. All members must have their MLGC card on them while at the MLGC property and show any other members if ask to see your identification.

All members are encourage to check shooters while at the club to ensure they are members.


Open public events are the only time you do not have to be member to shoot at the club but the shooters must remain at that event.

Non members cannot shoot on others ranges during public event shooting unless with a MLGC member.

Range Safety Officers RSOs have full authority to govern the range if they see a safety violation. RSOs can and will eject anyone from the MLGC if they make that determination.

Thank you.

- John Popke

MLGC President

January 20, 2018

Dear Members, I would like to truly thank the members who attended the stated meeting January 8th, 2018, it was very nice to see the meeting hall so full. Just a few thoughts for all members to keep in mind.

  • As a member you should check other shooters membership to ensure there is no unauthorized persons shooting on the range.
  • Only two (2) guests per member. You are not allowed to bring several guests and have two persons at a time shooting. This rule must be strictly enforced for the safety of the club and to allow MLGC members access to move around freely and not wait for a shooting lane.
  • The official sun set time for “stop shooting” is Standard Pacific Time (SPT) not the sun below the mountain. Due to the winter conditions, haze or fog it is impossible to be able to determine the visual sunset on the range.
  • A grievance mail box has been mounted at the entrance of the meeting hall for all members. If you have a suggestion or a grievance please fill out the provided form and put it into the mail box. The grievance chairman will take the appropriate steps necessary.

- John Popke

MLGC President  

2017 Blogs


September 11, 2017


Effective immediately the indoor range will be closed for all membership.

In final review form 'Lead Abatement' committee Chairman Fred Coleman and in keeping with the current EPA standards and requirements, the indoor range is closed indefinitely. The lead particulates accumulated within the indoor range have given the board no option but to close the range until a thorough lead cleaning and lead removal be conducted.

I apologize for the inconvenience and will keep membership abreast as progress occurs.

- John Popke

MLGC President

August 22, 2017

Dear members, 

I would like to thank the members who attended the meeting in August 14th,

it was nice to see some new faces and move forward with several items necessary to keep the club functioning.

I also want to thank Dick Coffin, Jorge Either, Lance Coruthers and Ricky Mandrell for an outstanding job and the completion of the ADA H’Cap parking for the MLGC, it was a lot of work and devotion from the men.

Thank you again. 

The MLGC Board is holding our annual budget meeting at Black Oak Casino hotel board room on October 28th 20117 at 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. All the disciplines are asked to attend. Please check in at the entrance for directions.

- John Popke

MLGC President

June 20, 2017

Our June 12th, Board of Directors and membership meeting was very productive and accomplished several agreed improvements for our club.

With the new structure of the monthly meetings the Board of Directors is meeting at 6:00pm in the MLGC office and the general membership meeting is at 7:00pm in the meeting hall. This has allowed us to spend more time on the agenda and present it to the membership. This setting also allows the Board to interact with questions and concerns with the membership that were not entered in the agenda.

I would encourage the membership to attend the meetings and participate if

possible and get involved in the programs offered at the MLGC.

It is also nice to see new faces attend the monthly meeting and participate in the direction the MLGC is moving. It would be fantastic to see new faces run for office and continue the goal of the leadership and promoting our constitutional right to own and protect ourselves with firearms.

Also in keeping with the safety of the MLGC I am closing the indoor range

"temporarily" starting July 1, 2017 till further notice for the deep cleaning of lead contaminates, electrical wiring and structural examination. The progress will be posted monthly on the MLGC web site.

- John Popke

MLGC President

May 17, 2017

Dear Gun Club members, 

I want to personally thank all the volunteers who showed up for our workday. A special thanks to Dick Coffin for organizing and heading up

the workday. Dick told me that that was the largest group of volunteers that he has ever seen. It was very impressive the amount of work that was completed the cleanup the burning and the organization overall. Once the trees are cleared from the lower property by the office we are hopeful to build an additional parking space

for the gun club members.

Again, thank you all very much.

- John Popke

MLGC President

April 17, 2017

Dear MLGC members, 

Please take the time to read the "range rules" for the MLGC range. The Chief RSO and RSOs recently updated and I approved changes for the safe operations of the MLGC and shooting rules. It is important that all members and guests follow the rules and keep the gun club a safe environment for all.

Thank you.

- John Popke

MLGC President

March 18, 2017

Dear Mother Lode Gun Club Members,

I would like to personally thank the membership committee volunteers for your hard work in the administrative process of receiving our new members.

I would also like to thank the new members for your patience with this long process and now becoming part of this great organization.

The April stated meeting, we will be voting on several addition potential new members and I encourage you to attend and be part of the voting process.

We also have unfinished business to complete as several motions were brought to the floor in March 13th meeting. We will be voting to move money from the savings to checking to cover the costs of the new roof and updating the indoor range ventilation system. Most importantly a separate motion was made to assess all

members a onetime payment of $100.00 dollars included in the 2018 dues for the additional cost of the roof and ventilation system. The discussion will be very informative and necessary to explain the hidden costs that will occur.

Also the board approved a 6:00 pm board meeting agenda and the MLGC stated meeting will remain the same time at 7:00 pm. This will allow the board not take up a lot of time during the general stated meeting. The board meetings are open to all MLGC members but you will not be allowed to have an opinion or vote.

I hope you all can be present for the meeting and enjoy fellow gun club members and friends.

- John Popke

MLGC President


February 14, 2017



Dear Mother Lode Gun Club Members:

First and foremost, I would like to thank the MLGC members who attended the February meeting and for taking precious time out of your schedules. I would also like to thank all the MLGC volunteers who, without question, keep the gun club running at a safe and professional level.

During the meeting, I assigned the Chief Range Safety Officer and his assistant, Jim Christensen, a task that I feel is very important to the safe operations of the MLGC. They will be contacting all active RSO’s for verification of current NRA certification, overview of policies and procedures, and to develop an RSO work schedule. I am asking that all RSO’s donate one hour a month to oversee the safe operation for the MLGC and assist members and guests with safety and or inquires that might arise. This is also an opportunity to meet MLGC members and their guests.

The RSO refresher training course is scheduled for March 4th at 12:00 pm in the indoor range. If you know any members who are interested in becoming a NRA certified RSO, they may attend to observe only and can be considered when a future RSO certification course date is scheduled.

Contact information: Jim Christensen (209) 532-0459

-John Popke 

MLGC President


A member discussed a problem with me that he recently encountered on

the high power range. He arrived to shoot and people were in front shooting prone. They did not move when he arrived. There are several issues with this:

1. Those shooting prone were in violation of the posted rule - no shooting beyond the red line unless it is in a sponsored event.

2. Those in violation of this rule were inconsiderate since they did not move behind the red line when he arrived to shoot.

3. Because you are practicing for a match does not give you the right to break club rules.

4. Shooting beyond the red line is unsafe and you are creating a potential

liability for the club.

Solution, practice in front of the red line as though you were in competition until someone arrives to use the benches. Once a member arrives to use the high power range be courteous and move behind the red line. Please, work with us in this matter so that the Board of Directors does not have to become involved.

Once again, do not shoot in front of the red line when others are present at the

benches or when members arrive to use the benches. We all need to work


Thank you for your cooperation,

- Fred Coleman

MLGC President

Please Note:

Please Note: There have been some recent instances of members allowing their access cards to be used by non-members. This practice is strictly not allowed. Club members must be present when they bring guests to the range. 

Our insurance will not cover non-members, even immediate family of members, when not accompanied by a member and there could be serious problems if anyone were to get hurt or if there was any damage to the club's grounds. 

If your access card is used by non-members to use the club's facilities when you are not with them, this is considered a serious breach and will be referred to our grievance committee. You could lose your club privileges, incur a financial penalty, or even lose your club membership.